Swiss German VMUG – 3rd Meeting announced

Today we proudly announce our third VMUG meeting! Next week we’ll meet us to listen to two external speakers. We’ve got guests from Runecast and Rubrik which will present us their solutions to add more value to your VMware vSphere infrastructure. We’re hosted this time at Credit Suisse, which serves us also with food and drinks.

Date / Time

  • Thursday, November 9th
  • Starting Time: 17:30 (5pm CET / Swiss time)


  • Credit Suisse Education Center (Google Maps)
  • Bederstrasse 115, 8002 Zürich


  • 17:30 – Arrival, welcome
  • 17:45 – Meeting intro, general VMUG information
  • 18:00 – Rubrik: Technology overview
  • 18:30 – Runecast: Automated Expertise
  • 19:00 – Apéro, Networking, Socialising

(Times may vary)

Registration / more information

Please sign up on for this event.

(The event page will be continuously updated)

We’re currently looking for parking slots for people who travel with their car.

If you’re traveling with public transportation, please pick the tram or bus and get out here:

  • Waffenplatzstrasse (stop directly in front of the building entrance)
  • Rieterstrasse (building entrance directly around the corner)

Please keep in mind to calculate enough time from parking to the venue!

Swiss German VMUG – 2nd Meeting announced

Today we proudly announce our second VMUG meeting! Soon, in September, we’ll meet us to discuss, what else could it be, VMworld 2017! VMworld 2017 takes place in August (US) and September (Europe).

Together we’ll discover the interesting and brand new announcements, get over the presentations and have a talk about future developments. Personally i’ve got some topics which will be covered hopefully at VMworld, but i can’t tell you them yet. Let’s see what happens at VMworld, and then we meet all together to have a good talk about what actually happened.

Date / Time

  • Wednesday, September 20th
  • Starting Time: 17:00 (5pm CET / Swiss time)


  • Swisscom (Schweiz) AG (Google Maps)
  • Müllerstrasse 16, 8004 Zürich

Info: We’ll pick you up at the entrance hall / reception (Room Kristall)


  • VMworld recap
    • Announcements
    • Presentations
    • Products
  • to be continued…

Registration / more information

Please sign up on for this event.

(The event page will be continuously updated)

There are several public parkings close to the event venue:

  • Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof Sihlquai (Sihlquai 41, 8005 Zürich / Google Maps), about 15 minutes by foot to the venue
  • Parkhaus Urania (Uraniastrasse 3, 8001 Zürich / Google Maps), about 10 minutes by foot to venue

The Zurich main station (train / public transportation) is also close to the venue, about 10 minutes by foot.

Please keep in mind to calculate enough time from parking to the venue!

Swiss German VMUG present at the VMware Cloud Summit

Our Swiss German VMware User Group will be present at the first VMware Cloud Summit in Switzerland! We kindly invite you to show up at our booth at the Cloud Summit to learn more about our VMUG.

1st VMware Cloud Summit

With the introduction of the cloud, IT has been revolutionized – but which cloud model is best for you and what technical fundamentals must be fulfilled in order to be able to use cross-platform systems at all? The variety of options often makes it difficult to form an objective opinion about the cloud models that are right for you.

Together with the VMware premier service providers, Swisscom, T-Systems & Axians, VMware will be showing you the latest infrastructure cloud solution, both Swiss and international. Get both technical and economic insights and see how it works and the opportunities that result from it.

More information

Get detailed information about the event on it’s website at

Date and Time of this event

  • Date: 22th of June 2017
  • Time: starting at 08:00am (CET / Swiss Time)

Check out the agenda at


The first VMware Cloud Summit is located at the Seminarhotel Bocken.

  • Adress: Bockenweg 4, CH-8810 Horgen

Get all the information about the location at

Directions by car:

Take the A3 motorway to the Horgen exit, follow the signs to Horgen, turn right after a few hundred meters, then follow the signs. Parking in the hotel’s own garage.

Directions by public transportation:

Take the S2 or S8 to Horgen, then take the bus lines 131 or 132 to the Bocken stop.

Sponsors and Speakers

If you’d like to know more about the event sponsors and speakers, please click the Sponsors and Speakers link.

Swiss German VMUG Meeting on 8th of June 2017

Today we proudly announce our first VMUG meeting! Please mark this day in your calendar!

Our VMware User Group existed for some years but wasn’t really active. Now we try to push it again to a new level. We already had an inital meeting to set the goals of our VMUG and discussed what we can do like events, meetings and so on. Actually we have only one leader, but a very competent management committee. Without the help of you guys it would not be possible to organize and manage everything itself. Thank you very much!

But now to the real thing. You probably wanna know more about the when, where and what of our first meeting. Here we go!

Date / Time

  • Date: Thursday, 8th of June 2017
  • Starting Time: 17:30 / 5:30pm (CET / Swiss time)


  • Digicomp Academy AG (Google Maps)
  • Limmatstrasse 50, 8005 Zürich


Time Topic Speaker
17:30 Welcome
17:45 Tales from Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for VMware
vRealize Suite
Daniele Ulrich, Swisscom
18:15 vRops Bits and Bobs Edgar Carvalho,
18:45 Apero / networking

Registration / More information

Please sign up on for this event.

We recommend using the parking „Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof Sihlquai“ (Sihlquai 41, 8005 Zürich / Google Maps). It’s only about 200 Meters from our meeting location. More information about parking is available here (


We like to thank our partners for making this meeting possible. We’re hosted at Digicomp, a Swiss provider for all kinds of IT related trainings and certifications. We are pleased to have Swisscom Enterprise aboard which is represented by a competent speaker. Also a thank you to Edgard Carvalho, one of our freelance speakers with indepth knowledge about vRops and many other technologies. And last but not least a great thank you to VMware which takes care of the catering.



Catering, organizational help

Swiss German VMUG Website launched

Today we launched our own website. As nearly every company or organisation today has it’s own website so we do too. We can now communicate and inform our members and people all around the world on nearly every channel. We’ve got our VMUG community site, we’ve got social media channels on Facebook and Twitter too, and now we’ve got also our own website.

We hope to reach our audience so they can catch the latest bits and bytes from our VMUG. We’ll inform you about our meetings, when the next events are planned and we publish also an agenda for those events. So you can prepare your trip to our events as you need. You’ll find information about the location (like parking information, information about public transportation to and from the location), you’ll find informations about the speakers and many other things.

We are already planning the first event, so make sure you don’t miss the official announcement shortly. Stay tuned!

VMUG Kickoff Meeting

On the 22nd of March we had our Swiss German VMUG kickoff meeting. The committee members were hosted at VMware Switzerland HQ in Zurich. Many thanks to you guys! It’s always a pleasure to be there!

But we weren’t just there to drink coffee and have a nice afternoon. We did some serious work. We discussed many different topics, ranging from our community goals over events to the next steps to keep the ball rolling. The main target we had today was to have a roadmap and an agenda for our very first event. And we’ve got it! So we can now move on with the next steps of planning our very first event. We will target a date somewhere in June this year at a location with hopefully enough space to host a good amount of people. Don’t forget about catering, and of course interesting topics and great speakers!

Let’s talk about history

The Swiss German VMUG was not very active the last few months and years. When i registered at to search for a local user group i found out that there is a VMUG in my region, but it’s not very active, no events nor discussions were there. Last year at VMworld Barcelona i had some good chats with people, VMUG leaders and co-leaders about many VMUG (and for sure VMware) related things. They all encouraged me to become a VMUG leader.

I had many nights with less sleep, thinking about this. How would it be to be a leader? What areas of responsibility are there coming ùp to me? How will people react to this? So i contacted the VMUG HQ and asked how to become a leader. This was not a short-term thing. It took some weeks, having some phone calls, writing mails, doing trainings. And now we brought back new life to our local VMware user group!

Swiss German VMUG on social media

To make sure you don’t miss any bits and bytes we invite you to register on our Swiss German VMUG community site if you’re interested to become a member of our user group (and if you’re located in the German speaking part of Switzerland, which would make sense). We’re also present on Twitter and Facebook! We thank you for a follow, and don’t hesitate to spread the word 😉